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Morning all,

Ok so where do i start. Ok sorry for not posting in a while, its been a very busy few months. We flew down to Melbourne for a 18th Celebration (and and 40 wedding anniversary celebration) and to see our beautiful little neice. I also have just come back from a few days in Brisbane at the Craft show there and doing the Intermediate Copic Class with a fantastic teacher Mandi. Had a great time. Ok so here we go a few posts for today.
The first one is a few mothers day cards and a birthday card for my mum whose birthday falls around the same time.
The stamps are from all that scraps and lala land.

Afternoon all,

Well i have managed to get in one more card before the end of the week :)
I really wanted to enter the Mad For Markers challenge but left it to the very last minute but think i will still creep in.
Anyway the lovely Sammi runs mad for markers and really is far to close and far to easy to order more and more Copic markers :)
So here is my entry for the February Challenge of using RV or R colours.
The image is from Lala Land (a favourite). The paper is something i picked up on special from Riot for 29c a sheet (bargin). Cause a girl can never have enough paper :)


Morning All,

So I was asked to do the first card by someone at work and cause the little boy LOVES AFL and the West Coast Eagles i went with that theme. I wish i had a bit more time and i would have put dimential magic on the colour'd letters. I love these letters, they come in white so you just colour them up with your copic's to whatever suits!!.
The image is another from Lala Land.

I am totally in love with Lala images and LOVE that they come in both digital and rubber. If you have read my previous posts you will know how much i LOVE digital but love that i have the choice! And its still oh so hard to not buy them in rubber as well!
The images are beautiful and so easy to colour.
Anyway i had these 2 coloured up and was going to use them for something else but now they can be in my stash in case i need a card in a hurry.

Ok here they come, some of the "other" things i made other than cards :)

The first is the Banner. I can't take all the credit. Lauren (from Lauren's cakes) helped put it together and do the letters. I did all the cutting and colouring :)
Its sad to think that i had already coloured these images for cards and that i had enough different images that i didn't have to do more!
Ok so the first is the first letter then a few of the whole thing.

Hi All,

Well so it begins, here are some photos to start with of the images i stamped. Most of the images are from the magnolia range, there are a few from Kenny K and Some Odd Girl. I think i stamped about 16 different images and spent hours (more like days) cutting them in front of the TV. I must admit i have had a ball stamping cutting and best of all colouring all my little images. I didn't want to stick them on my cards.
All the images are coloured with my wonderful copics, of which i have now had to order some refills :)
Ok so lets start with the images and then i will do another (at least a few) posts of the cards..




Afternoon All,

So i thought before i start to upload the mountains of Xmas photo's i would upload a few more "other" cards first.
The first is a Birthday card for someone at work that just turned 21! Oh how i remember that age :)
Anyway i stuck the numbers on and then relised i didn't like it 100% this way so i took them off and mounted them on a circle sheet. I found these in spotlight and i LOVE them. Not sure i should have put it on but its there now.
Well i just LOVE this time of year. A chance to dress up and believe that witches vampires and anything else supernatural lurks at night!! Anyway every year we have a costume party and i spend weeks doing the invites! This year was no different, 20 invites and all hand coloured! But i am happy with them and they are done :)
the first image was the invites from last year, i spent days sticking those bloody bats on only to have them fall off again!  Will never do that again! The details for the party was inside the invite after you opened the ribbon.  The stamps was a stamp from Stamp Happens.
The rest of the photo's are this years invites. The details of the party were on the back in red shimmery paper with a water mark of the front image. I picked up the ribbon at Lincraft! I had a lovely time in the ribbon section. Anyway enought talking here are the pic's!